A Great Idea

Finally, more attention is being paid to a powerful path to the middle class that is often overlooked in the United States: apprenticeships.

Breaking CTE News

A bipartisan step in the right direction in fight for career and technical education.

Millions of Young Americans

We have to do more to end youth unemployment.

Earned Income Tax Credit

The EITC needs to be expanded to help lift more Americans out of poverty.

Pathways to Careers

Sen. Rubio's recent proposal would open the door to federal careers for those with non-traditional educational backgrounds.

Why Us, Why Now?

The American Dream
is Once Again at Risk

A hallmark of our culture always has been that there is a ladder of opportunity accessible to anyone with the desire to reach for it. But that is no longer true in today's society.

Opportunity Nation is working to repair the ladder by developing the first truly shared plan to restore opportunity in America.

Who We Are & Our Approach

The Opportunity Index

The Opportunity Index is the nation’s first – and only – tool designed to provide a snapshot of what opportunity looks like at the state and county levels.

How did your hometown stack up against others in your area?

Try out the Opportunity Index

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