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Bridging the Digital Divide and Improving Opportunity with Broadband

Today, economic opportunities, education and health care are growing increasingly reliant on technology and broadband connectivity. Broadband has the potential to be the great equalizer of our generation. By strengthening digital literacy and helping increase adoption for low-income Americans, we can ensure everyone has the skills to take advantage of broadband’s benefits.

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Our Youth Need Jobs With A Future

An insightful, sobering March 16 story in the New York Times details just how hard it has become to lift oneself up from poverty in America, even if a person works hard. This thoroughly-reported article: Low-Wage Workers Are Finding Poverty Harder to Escape should be required reading for anyone who believes that people who struggle just to get by every day deserve their plight because they lack a work ethic or shirk responsibility for their complicated lives.

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Paying It Forward: Coaching Leads to Success

Mentors are a powerful force for opportunity in communities. Coaching Corps connects volunteer coaches with children and young people from disadvantaged communities to create positive relationships, promote leadership and encourage physical fitness. Read about the story of one volunteer. 

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The Income Gap, The Longevity Gap, and The Opportunity Index

A compelling story this weekend in the New York Times highlighted the sharply divergent life expectancies of residents of one of the wealthiest counties in the United States – Fairfax County, Virginia – and one of the poorest, located just 350 miles to its west – McDowell County, West Virginia. We decided to compare the overall climate for opportunity in both of these places using the Opportunity Index, a tool that measures key economic, educational and civic factors that can expand or constrict economic mobility.

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Is Free Community College The Next Step In Higher Education?

A series of high-profile proposals to broaden access to community college by making it free for new high school graduates have emerged recently. The tuition-free proposals highlight the pivotal role these institutions play in training and preparing students for 21st century jobs and helping millions of low-income Americans gain a foothold on the ladder to upward mobility.

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Opportunity News: Mothers in Poverty and The Future for Young Americans

Opportunity Nation shares key stories that explore opportunity-related issues in powerful, provocative ways. This week we're in awe of a single mother in Tennessee, intrigued by a new study from the Robin Hood Foundation on pre-k and more! 

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Highlights From President Obama’s “Opportunity For All” Budget

Following President Obama’s State of the Union address, in which he called expanding economic opportunity and mobility the “defining issue of our time,” opportunity is once again in the spotlight in his 2015 “Opportunity For All” budget. The President’s budget request closely aligns with Opportunity Nation’s policy recommendations to create more pathways to education and careers for students and young adults. 

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Why We Should Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to More Americans

Opportunity Nation’s diverse coalition has long supported the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), one of the most effective anti-poverty programs of the last 40 years, and one that has benefitted millions of low-income families. But the EITC needs to be expanded to help lift more Americans out of poverty, especially adults without children and noncustodial parents.

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Senator Rubio’s Proposed Legislation Creates More Paths to Careers

Recognizing the importance of supporting multiple pathways to educational and career success, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) recently submitted legislation that would enable workers without traditional higher education degrees to get jobs in federal agencies. Opportunity Nation supports this effort to create more roads to career success. 

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Opportunity News: Budgets, Taxes, and the Real Purpose of College

Opportunity Nation shares key stories that explore opportunity-related issues in powerful, provocative ways. This week's stories focus on President Obama's budget proposal, the future of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and answering a timeless question: Should college make us happy or professionally successful? 

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