Opportunity Nation Policy Framework

The strength of the Opportunity Nation campaign is rooted in the diversity and expertise of our multi-sector partners who comprise our coalition. These organizations generate opportunity every day in communities big and small across our country. While our differences are what make us unique, we all share the notion that where you start off in life should not pre-determine where you end up. Though each coalition partner does not necessarily endorse every proposal in the Opportunity Nation policy framework, they are committed to an inclusive, consensus-oriented dialogue and the idea that all of us have a role to play in expanding access to the American Dream.

In fact, the policy ideas contained in this framework are designed to serve as a starting point for expanding access to the American dream. They are not a final product and will only get stronger and more effective as our coalition members continue to offer input, culminating with a final set of mutually agreed upon 'best practice' policies early in 2012.